How Much Can I Earn Affiliate MarketingHow much can I earn affiliate marketing is a question I get asked a hundred times a day and although it’s a pretty straight forward question, unfortunately there isn’t really a straight forward answer.

How much you can earn affiliate marketing will depend on a myriad of factors but the two main factors are:

The niche you choose and how hard you are willing to work!

Choosing Your Niche

It seems that everyone who starts affiliate marketing wants to conquer the “Make Money Online Niche” because they have listened to all the so-called “Make Money Online Gurus” telling them how much money they make with affiliate marketing.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

They normally have a big flashy sales page with a video that was made on their laptop, sitting on some Caribbean beach whilst sipping a Piña Colada! or they’re talking to you while they’re driving their brand new, bright red Ferrari that they won from some affiliate marketing company for being super affiliate of the year.

Now I’m not saying that they are lying to you or that it’s impossible to make that sort of money online, (I personally know several people who do make that much money) what I’m saying is that the “Make Money Online Niche” is not the best niche for someone just starting to learn affiliate marketing to get into.

The making money online niche is in fact one of the most difficult niches to actually make any money with because of the fierce competition and endless make money online scams that are only interested in taking your money and not giving you any real support or training, so my advice when you first start your affiliate marketing business is to find a niche with less competition where you can start to make some money fairly quickly and not get disillusioned or give up in the first few weeks!

How Hard Are You Willing To Work?

Oops! Did nobody tell you that affiliate marketing is hard work!

You’ve been watching those guru videos with their overnight millionaire instant money sales pitches again haven’t you.

Let me tell you straight, Affiliate Marketing is hard work!

When I first started my affiliate marketing business I was still working full-time and putting in more hours in the evenings after work than I was putting into my full-time job!

I struggled and almost gave up several times during the first couple of months before I started to see any real returns on my efforts. But let me tell you, when that first sale came and I saw my first affiliate commissions arrive in my bank account it was the best feeling I had ever experienced.

All my hard work had paid off and I now enjoy the freedom and financial independence that a lot of people only dream of!

The Answer

The answer to the question; “How much can I earn affiliate marketing” is that there really is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

In the last ten years more people have become millionaires through affiliate marketing than in any other industry and every day ordinary people just like you and me are learning how to tap into this incredible unlimited income source.

How hard you are willing to work and the niche you choose will determine how quickly you’ll succeed and how much you will earn but remember this…..

Today, somebody somewhere in the world will be giving up their 9 to 5 job and enjoying the freedom and financial independence that affiliate marketing has given them.

Tomorrow it could be you!

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