How many websites do I need to make money affiliate marketing is a question that gets asked nearly every day by people just coming into the affiliate marketing industry and one I even asked myself when I first started over twelve years ago.

Whilst it’s not what I teach at Wealthy Affiliate there are lots of positive points for building several micro-niche websites

The main one is……

If I have one website earning me $1,000 a month then 10 websites doing the same should earn me $10,000 a month and whilst this theory is correct and works quite well for experienced internet marketers who choose to focus on building multiple small focused micro-niche websites this is what normally happens to someone new to the industry…..

  1. If you are new to the internet marketing industry and building an affiliate marketing website for the first time you will make mistakes. This is quite normal. Just like starting any type of business for the first time there is a steep learning curve and we never get it right the first time. Building a successful online business is no different.
  2. If you are going to make mistakes building your first website then obviously if you try to build 10 sites all at the same time you will just duplicate those mistakes across the 10 sites and instead of having 10 sites all earning $1,000 a month each you will have 10 half built sites that don’t work!

The truth is you only need one focused authority website to make a very comfortable living online so why do you want to complicate your life?

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is focused on that and will teach you step by step exactly how to build an authority website that can earn you $10,000 a month and more so the answer to the question “How many websites do I need to make money affiliate marketing” is ONE!

My advice to anybody just starting with your affiliate marketing career is to do your research diligently, choose your niche wisely, set yourself some goals of what you want to achieve with that website and then stay laser focused on that one website until it’s earning you enough money to give up whatever you’re doing now and dedicate yourself full-time to your online business.

When you have one site that works you will have all the time and money to play with as many more sites as you wish but you need to get yourself into that position first and the only way to do that is by staying laser focused on one site to start with.

If you’re having trouble staying focused on one website right now you might want to read this article I wrote a few years ago….. Staying Focused!

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