How long should blog posts be is a question that gets brought up quite regularly in the live chat at Wealthy Affiliate.

It would seem with the Google switch to mobile first index shorter blog posts are actually getting ranked more often although the die hard bloggers will probably tell you that this isn’t true and anything under 2,500 words is useless.

I’m personally seeing shorter posts of mine getting ranked more often.

I’m still kind of sitting on the fence about the whole thing at the moment though but I must admit that I’m beginning to lean towards shorter blog posts for mobile friendliness and readability.

Mobile search is certainly not going away in the very near future and so you have to take this into consideration especially if you are writing for your readers and not just for the search engines.

I mean let’s face it. Would you honestly read a 2,500 + word article on your mobile phone?

I certainly wouldn’t.

So let’s dig into this discussion a little deeper and let me give you my thoughts on how long a blog post should be.

How Long Should Blog Posts Be?

If you follow Neil Patel you’ll know that most of his blog posts are around 2,000 to 3,000 words long if not longer and logic will tell you that if he’s dominating the top of Google search with these long blog posts then you need to be writing even longer posts to compete.


The majority of my posts are around 1,200 words but I also have posts as short as 500 words ranking in the top spot of Google.

I’ll tell you how I do it in minute but first I want to let you into a little secret……

I have never read a whole blog posts by Neil Patel.

In fact, I normally get bored and hit the back button by the time I get to the first Infograph!

Hands up if you do the same!! 😀

In my experience unless you’re writing an essay for your science degree you really don’t need to go over 1,500 words to get your point across and say what you need to say.

I find the sweet spot for me is between 600 to 800 words unless of course I’m doing an in-depth product review in which case I’ll probably go up to 1,500 or maybe even 2,000 words if I need to.

For a standard blog post like this one I find around 750 words is plenty and don’t forget that comments also count towards your word count so as soon as you start getting some interaction from your readers and the comments build up as well, your 750 word article will turn into 1,500 words of content in the eyes of the Google bot very quickly.

750 words will give you a nice mobile friendly and readable length article that if you use the 7 steps to ranking on page one of Google training at Wealthy Affiliate you can get ranked in the top positions on page one of Google very easily.

Think Mobile First

it’s a well-known fact that smartphones and tablets are out-selling desktop and laptop computers these days. This is obviously down to the convenience side of things. I mean let’s face it, when was the last time you actually sat in front of a desktop or laptop computer to read an article?

I only use my computer for writing and updating my website and I’m even using my smartphone to do those jobs as well lately.

I never use my computer to read.

I do most of my reading when I’m sat in the car waiting for the girls to come out of school or I might be in the cafeteria waiting for my wife to finish shopping. Most people I know tend to do their reading when they’re on the train or bus so you really need to be thinking mobile first not only with the design of your site but also with your blog posts.

In this fast paced, instant gratification, digital world we now live in I don’t think anyone actually has the time to read a 2,500 word blog post anymore and for this reason I believe we will see a rise in the amount of shorter posts getting higher rankings at least in the mobile search results.

I could be wrong…. what do you think?

How long should blog posts be?

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