Motor Club of America or MCA as it’s also known is a US-based motor club offering 24/7 emergency roadside assistance plans but that’s not what I want to look at today.

As you probably already know, MCA also heavily promotes home based business opportunities for anyone who signs up for their advanced membership which is called Total Security. That’s great, but can you make money with Motor club of America and is it a good way to build a home based business?

Here’s what I found when I took a deeper look at the Motor Club of America Sales Associates program….

What Is The MCA Sales Associate Program?

When you purchase the Total Security Membership you become eligible for earning income through MCA. Basically, you earn $80 for each person you get to purchase an MCA membership and $6 more if you enrolled person sells a membership to someone else.

Sounds quite easy and promising right?

Well not everything is quite as simple as it seems.

Yes you can earn a lot of money with MCA Sales Associate Program but can you get to the top?

That’s where the real money is.

Their $80+$6 system sounds great but it means that you need to build up a network of buyers to start making a decent income and just like any network marketing or pyramid scheme, the bigger you network of people under you, the higher you income will be.

But first, you need to recruit at least one person yourself to start the ball rolling.

The marketing of car clubs is quite competitive within the US and outside so what are the chances that someone without any sales and marketing skills can start making good money?

Can you approach a person on the streets and convince them to buy a membership, which actually is more expensive than most of the other car clubs?

Probably not, and add to that the fact that there is no diversification as MCA offers only one service to promote.

If you add this to the $19.95 price tag of the MCA program you will realize that you could end up out-of-pocket very quickly!

In addition to that, if you want to build up you income to a decent livable wage you need you buyer to enroll more people so he needs to develop some interest towards the associate program as well-meaning that you will need to promote not just the membership but also the money making opportunity as well.

The downside as I see it is that you are actually creating you own competition and they could resort to some slippery methods to keep you out of their network.

This is probably a bigger problem than high competition on the market!

When you start to dig deeper into it the MCA membership it does begin to look very much like an MLM or pyramid scam although they do claim in their disclaimer (, that they are not an internet scam, pyramid scheme, or anything to do with a multi-level marketing company which they clearly are.

Does that mean that they are actually misleading their customers and everyone knew to their program?

I know what I think but I’ll let you decide that for yourself. 🙂

Here’s the pros and cons?


  • $80 per person plus
  • $6 for each buyer that person enrolls in the future.
  • Good potential of high income if you can build up you network.


  • You need to sell the business idea and constantly recruit knew people under you.
  • Only one service and little to no opportunity of target audience choice.
  • Referrals people become you competitors.
  • Extremely difficult to move up the chain.
  • There are better and cheaper alternatives to MCA.
  • Misleading disclaimer of MCA. Scam-like Sales Associates Program.
  • Unlike affiliate marketing, entry to the program is not free.
  • All in all, very low money making potential for beginners.


I think you’ll realize by now that I do not recommend joining the Motor Club of America Sales Associates program or better yet, I discourage anyone from doing so.

In my opinion MCA is deceptive and misguides you.

I personally think it will be exceptionally difficult to enroll someone and get up the sales chain to be able to make money with the Motor Club of America.

Here’s what would I suggest as a better alternative….

A Better Alternative To MCA

In my opinion a much better alternative to Motor Club of America for building a real and sustainable long-term home based business is Wealthy Affiliate for loads of reasons some of which I’ve listed below.

  • It’s Completely Free to Join
  • There Are No Up-sells
  • Step by Step Easy to Follow Up to The Minute Training
  • One on One Personal Coaching
  • The Support is 24/7 Including Live Chat With The Owners!
  • Free Websites
  • Free Hosting
  • 100’s of Live Training Videos Published Weekly

Before you make any decisions about getting involved with MCA I would highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate first.

Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!


I do not have any personal experience with MCA

The opinions expressed above are based on my own research and feedback from other people who have had experience with MCA

If you think I haven’t been very fair in my asessment or if you’d like to share you own experiences with MCA please leave you comments below I’d love to hear from you.

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