Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Money?

Can affiliate marketing make you money? Absolutely! Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate an extra or even a full-time income online with little or no upfront investment. In fact for many people it's as simple as starting a blog, signing up for an...

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The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Following on from last week I wanted to take a deeper look at some of the benefits of affiliate marketing and why so many people are jumping on this excellent residual passive income generator to boost their offline incomes or even set up a full-time income online....

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How Do Affiliate Links Work?

Last week we looked at what affiliate links are. This week I want to take a quick look at how affiliate links work and some of the rules that apply to their use. Just to recap briefly, affiliate programs are driven by affiliate links. Affiliate links are specific URLs...

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What Are Affiliate Programs?

I'm often asked by my new students "What are affiliate programs" so I thought it would be a great subject to cover in this weeks article. Affiliate programs are agreements between online merchants and privately run websites, in which the merchant pays the website...

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