Alan Roy Hocking

Professional Guitar Vocalist

Hi And Thanks for Dropping By, I’m Alan Roy Hocking, Professional Guitar Vocalist


I started my musical career when I was just 15 years old entertaining the guests at my mother’s bed and breakfast. 

I’ll never forget the buzz I got from watching everyone sing along and dance as I played their favorite songs.

A buzz that has stayed with me my whole life and returns every time I pick up my guitar and perform to a live audience. 

I knew on that first night in my mother’s little bed and breakfast what my life purpose was and I’ve been a professional guitar vocalist ever since, performing all over Europe in various bands and duos and latterly as a solo artist in hotels and holiday resorts along the Costa del Sol.

When I finally retired from the live music scene a couple of years ago and partly driven by the uncertain times we are living in at the moment I decided to set up My YouTube Channel and continue to share my love of performing from the comfort and safety of my home.

The popularity and daily growth of my YouTube channel took me completely by surprise and the encouraging comments and feedback I received have lead me to expand the channel from just acoustic guitar and country music covers to personal reviews of some of the guitars, strings and gear I use.

I’m also studying classical and fingerstyle guitar and will be adding videos of my journey into the world of classical and fingerstyle guitar in the very near future so don’t forget to check it out and hit the subscribe button if you like what you find 😉


Thanks for dropping by I appreciate it.

I have lots of great stuff planned for My YouTube Channel so I hope you hit the link below and check out some of my latest videos and posts.

Life allowing I upload a new video every week so there’s always something new to watch.

If you find anything you like while you’re there please don’t forget to subscribe and share it with all your friends.


Alan 🙂

Alan Roy Hocking Guitar Vocalist
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