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Hi and thanks for dropping by.

I’m Alan Roy Hocking Professional Home Based Business Coach and Personal Mentor

I’ve been making my living online affiliate marketing since 2005 and teaching other people how to do the same since 2010. 

Did you know that affiliate marketing is a billion dollar business that is growing by the day!

In the last decade more people have become millionaires through affiliate marketing than in any other industry

Affiliate marketing as a potential home based business for anyone looking to boost a part-time income or even create a full-time online business with very little outlay or start-up costs has everything going for it and very little against it.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing you might want to check out some of the more frequently asked questions below before you start your free training

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I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve enjoyed earning a full time income online as of 2005 and one thing I have come to learn is that you cannot do this on your own.

I’ve met a ton of people online and Alan I put you among the most genuine and helpful person I have ever met.

Anytime I need a hand with something and it can be anything you’re there to lend a helping hand and if you don’t know you point me to a resource or someone who does.

You’ve been my sounding board for many years and have saved me countless hours of frustration in the areas that I am new to.

And I just wanted to say thank you and let you know everything you do, does not go un-noticed or un appreciated.

Your friend
Leo Emery

Leo Emery

Alan has been incredibly helpful to me as I’ve built my affiliate marketing business.

He is one of the friendliest and most positive people I have had the privilege to meet, but on top of all that he really knows his stuff!

Whenever I have asked him for advice on anything marketing related he has always given me a considered, thoughtful and very useful reply and his assistance has helped me in many, many ways.

You can tell he has many years experience in the business and it really shines through – if you are looking for someone to mentor you I can’t think of anyone better than Alan.


Steve Mandaluff

Let me just say how incredibly grateful I am to you Alan.

All of the advice and tips that you have given me to get my post to rank near the top of Google has undoubtedly worked as I have come from the depths (outside the top 20 pages) all the way up to page number three in only 4 days.

You without question know your stuff sir and I will forever be in your debt!

Simon Watson

Simon Watson

I feel privileged to be able to say that Alan is my mentor.

He has always been there for me and has helped with so many parts of my business.

You never stop learning and I know Alan will always be there to lend a hand.

I wouldn’t know what to do without him and his skill, experience and patience.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone looking for the perfect mentor.

Jackie x

Jackie O'Brien

Alan Roy Hocking

Alan Roy Hocking

Your Personal Affiliate Marketing Coach & Mentor

If you need my help with anything else just shout!

You Can Chat Live With Me Here! 🙂

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